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Clementina clemenules: its collection begins at the end of October until January, its flat round shape, with an intense orange color, has no seeds and melting pulp with a lot of sweet juice and acid at the same time, that is why it is unique in its class, its origin comes from the population of nules, the estates of clenatur is located about 3 km. Of this locality due to our proximity we have a lot of production of clemenules from there burriana is pioneer in producing it.

Orange navelina, navel, lane-late: are the different varieties of oranges grown by clenatur each one has a different collection dates beginning in October the navelina, the navel in December and the lane-late in March. Each of them makes it very special in its class.
The cultivation of oranges in our burriana population consists of an excellent quality thanks to the land located near the sea, along with our Mediterranean sun, the special beams.

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